Spiritual Life

Excelling Spiritually

Spirituality at Central Valley Christian Academy is important, that is why teachers provide opportunities for spiritual growth through mentoring and scholastic learning. CVCA encourages students to allow God into their daily lives, to know Him, not just know about him. Students who have grown to experience God’s work in their lives are mentoring and sharing Him with their peers.

Students have several avenues in which to develop and share their spiritual walk outside of Religion class. Weekly chapel programs and Weeks of Prayer are opportunities for students to share with their peers. Participation in community service activities and mission trips are other examples of reaching out and witnessing to others. Regular YMT (Youth Ministry Team) activities and programs are also programs where students lead out and share what God is doing in their lives. There are numerous other programs and venues where students have the opportunity for spiritual growth and experience including Bible Conference, Prayer Conference, and Leadership Conference. Programs through local churches also help develop students for leadership roles, spiritual growth, and evangelism.